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Sarrita King

'Ancestors' | 90x110cm

'Ancestors' | 90x110cm

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Code: MASK23194

Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Ancestors

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Size: 90x110cm

Year: 2023

Sarrita shares the stories of her ancestors. painted in layers, the ancestors series focuses on those who have passed on, yet guide our path today. The ancestors layer in the dry season artworks is painted in rich reds and Vibrant yellows, mixIng to create patterns that shape the land layer. the land layer is painted in ochres and brings to life the dRying landscape cutting across the land, waterholes evaporating, shrinking and reaching out in hope of replenishment. The land is dry and cracking, leavIng behInd aNimal tracks and paths as nature seeks out the last reminiscence of life.

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