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Sarrita King

'Ancestors' | 90x180cm

'Ancestors' | 90x180cm

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Code: MASK23191

Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Ancestors

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Size: 90x180cm

Year: 2023

arrita King shares the stories of her ancestors. Markings made on the land over thousands of years can be seen, entangled with patterns covering the land today, such as Sandhills, flora and paths made by humans and animals.This piece has 3 of the ancestors series balanced together, each painted with an ancestors layer and a complimentary story layer, allowing the canvas to share the dIversity and contrast of the Australian seasons.

 The wet seAson portion sings with full Waterholes and life, bright ochres set to blue dotted iMagery brings forth the abundance of water and movement aCross the land. neStled next to the stark dry season the wet season bursts with nourishment. In contrast the dry season is painted in rich reds and Vibrant yellows, mixIng to create patterns that shape the land layer. the land layer or the dry season is painted in ochres and brings to life the dRying landscape cutting across the land, waterholes evaporating, shrinking and reaching out in hope of replenishment.

 The flood ancestors answers the dry seasons call as it bursts over the artwork, briNging life back the the dry season landscape. enriching water has pooled in shades of blue And aqua and soaks into the parched land.

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