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Sarrita King

'Language of the Earth' | 90x120cm

'Language of the Earth' | 90x120cm

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Code: MASK23166

Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Language of the Earth

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Size: 90x120cm

Year: 2023

Sarrita King | Language of the Earth

This is the earth’s story. the story of community and culture, how it integrates and expands. using dots and lines Sarrita paints the circle motif to represent the families and community. she grows the image, always changing the pattern to display the ever changing dynamic of society. whilst there is major differences in presentation, there is always outward growth and balance. The overall aesthetic is bold and striking, the use of the rich red ochres mixed with the more earthy ochre reflects the landscape which allows us to flourish.

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