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Tarisse King

'Earth Cycles' Coolamon | 60x17x7cm

'Earth Cycles' Coolamon | 60x17x7cm

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Code: ASGS-TK-21218

Artist: Tarisse King

Title: 'Earth Cycles' Coolamon

Medium: Sculpture, Metal, Polish

Size: 60x17x7cm

Year: 2021

* Imagery on the outside of the Coolamon

* Imagery taken directly from an original artwork & etched into metal

With this sculpture Tarisse wanted to translate her ‘Earth Cycles’ story into a 3D object. In this case Tarisse's 'Earth Cycles' imagery has been transferred onto a metal Coolamon. The imagery is taken directly from one of Tarisse's paintings by etching into the metal. 

The choice to use metal is a reflection on the strength and longevity of the Australian Indigenous culture and the stories passed down over the centuries.


Earth Cycles Story

Drawing on the teachings of her influential father, Tarisse recalls the philosophy he taught her – that everything in life is circular. There is no beginning and no end.

Unlike her sister, Sarrita who paints the same thematic in thick textured paint, Tarisse uses thin, flat paint sticking within the tonal variations of one colour. She creates a refined and sophisticated look and the colours of yellow, pink or blue construct a modern design. The repetition of the circle across the canvas refers to her father’s philosophy but is completed with such preciseness that it aesthetically resembles the accuracy of a print.

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