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Sarrita King

'Language of the Earth III' | 60x42x42cm

'Language of the Earth III' | 60x42x42cm

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Code: ASGS-SK-21014

Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Language of the Earth

Medium: Sculpture, Metal, Rust

Size: 60x42x42cm

Year: 2021

Language of the Earth | Story:

With this sculpture Sarrita wanted to translate her ‘Language of the Earth' story into a 3D object. The choice to use metal is a reflection on the strength and longevity of the Australian Indigenous culture and the stories passed down over the centuries. The metal is left to tarnish as a representation of the time passing but the Earth’s story remaining the same.

This is the earth’s story. It is also the story of the history we have created and carved into it by our interactions with one another. The intersections of black and white culture and how they meet, creating a narrative in the land and in history, and then moving on in their individual and collaborative journeys are abstractly depicted. In an abstract way Sarrita references the iconography of the Tingari creation ancestors with her use of strong rectangles. These are then given body with dots and dashes, similar to Morse code. These symbols of communication are haunting in their familiarity, like an ancient language that was once known but now sits dormant at the back of one’s memory. The overall aesthetic is bold and assertive, and just like much iconography in Aboriginal cultures, the ancient now appears contemporary.

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