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Sarrita King

'Lightning' | 30x30cm

'Lightning' | 30x30cm

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Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Lighntning

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Size: 30x30cm

Year: 2023

In this painting Sarrita tells the story of the Lightning storms rolling across the landscape. Sarrita's lightning story was the first imagery she painted under guidance of her father, the late, William King Jungala. The first storm of the Wet season are some of Sarrita's first memories.

Darwin and the Northern Territory of Australia are renowned for their dramatic bi-annual lightning and storm shows. Researchers and experts travel from all over the world to see the spectacular skyward schisms and ruptures. For indigenous Australian artists it’s a time to revel in the portents of change, renewal, rebirth and hope.
The cracking, searing lightning that cuts the sky and reflects the land is passionately realised in this series where she combines the elements into inseparable reflective entities. The colours, lines, shapes, depths and light all dance together in a transformational ensemble. The landscape and the storm becomes one for a time.
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