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Sarrita King

'Waterholes - Dry Season' | Prints

'Waterholes - Dry Season' | Prints

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Code: DRSK2301

Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Waterholes - Dry Season

Medium: Archival inks on 320gm cotton rag paper or canvas

Size: 3 preselected sizes or contact us for a custom size

Editions: 80x150cm | Edition of 10

                60x112cm | Edition of 20

                40x75cm | Edition of 40

Framing: All prints are unframed

Contact us for framing options & a quote

Original Artwork: Waterholes - Dry Season | 80x150cm | 2023

Sarrita remembers travelling around Alice Springs and Katherine.  The scarcity of drinking water in certain regions means specific knowledge of where these waterholes are located, as well as their preservation methods, is paramount to survival.  Today, Aborigines speak of where waterholes once were as many of them have dried up due to drought or diminished maintenance.  When Sarrita traveled to see the waterholes with her father she saw many of them dried up and this is what she paints. Represented by the concentric circles, the waterholes are fed by underground streams pushing through land and rock.  Sarrita shows these streams by ribbons of wavy lines intricately entwined across the canvas.

Original Artwork Available   

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Material Details | Cotton Rag Art Paper

  • Paper Ageing Resistance certified ISO 9706 (FograCert 28681)
  • Sihl Masterclass 320gsm Textured is our flagship 100% cotton rag - French made Cold Press style textured art paper - Acid and Lignen free - Most popular with artists.
  • This Cotton Rag has a high archival rating and is printed with 12 colour Canon Lucia EX pigment Inks and will last over 100 years without fading if displayed correctly.


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